Snickerdoodle So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream, that is. I can’t recommend the other flavors because SNICKERDOODLE. Already being naughty entering a Whole Foods after my first appointment with my new shrink (they deviously built the store NEXT to the metro station), who suspects I have an eating disorder because I’m vegan and skinny but otherwise is pretty cool, I got whiplash when my eyes lit upon this wonder of wonders in the vegan “ice cream” section. Here I was searching in vain for Luna & Larry’s GINGER COOKIE CARAMEL Coconut Bliss “ice cream:”


See? This was my former nemesis when I lived in Suburbia where a short drive took me to Roots Market and its home in their vegan “ice cream” freezer. No luck finding it in the big city; fortunately, I could care less now there’s SNICKERDOODLE. It is evil. It beckons me. It exclaims it’s sinfully cinnamon “ice cream” with great chunks of SNICKERDOODLE cookie dough. COOKIE DOUGH. SNICKERDOODLE. GLUTEN FREE (it’s still an unhealthy processed vegan product but the “gluten free” aspect overpowers me). Every time my spoon hits one, it’s like that Sade song: “Every day is Christmas and every night is New Year’s Eve.”

Hey, you all have sex. I have SNICKERDOODLE. And we’ll part at summer’s end, as the romance grows cold when the temperature drops. Then cue song: “Summer lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’ happened so fast…”.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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