That Jon Stewart spoke truthfully about America on his fake news program should come as no surprise. I mean, how often do we nod our heads in agreement with comedians’ observations about life?

This made me cry because he’s so right. We experience acts of domestic terrorism and call them anomalies, isolated incidences, often invoking mental illness as probable cause. And because we’re too afraid or don’t care to have an honest discussion about the racism that courses through the veins of this country, its violent manifestations–death–are met with words like “tragedy,” “the country mourns today,” as if this menace, racism, hasn’t brought about this outcome time after time after time after time. This country is killing itself. We start wars without end, “Amen, Amen,” killing thousands of our own, countless thousands of innocents caught in a war zone, spending trillions to keep us safe at home. Except we aren’t.

Racism doesn’t get more blatant than flying the flag of the Confederacy in the South, and the definition of terrorism is a racist boy murdering nine people in their AME church out of hate and a desire for civil war. It’s an act of terrorism as senseless and shocking as two planes flying into buildings one September morning; perhaps more so because we’re killing fellow Americans. There’s no air of mystery or “why has this happened” here. Domestic terrorism as described above has done brisk business here for hundreds of years. And we have ignored or been complicit in its constancy, whether by action or silence, just as long.

And so it goes.


Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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