1. That first line from “Falling Slowly:” “I don’t know you but I want you all the more for that.” I barely know him and have never met him, yet what I do know comprises much of what I want in a man. For example…
  2. Besides my friend, G, he paid me the nicest compliment of anyone I’ve ever known. I was so touched…
  3. I wrote a poem about him. To him. The only “what if…” poem I’ve written anyone. He’s poetic, too…
  4. With a camera, and very talented and passionate about it. I couldn’t take my eyes off two photographs in particular…
  5. So he sent me copies of them even though I’d only mentioned the second picture right before he mailed them. One day, they’ll add serenity to a special corner for meditation, something he won’t think strange because…
  6. He digs meditation and yoga, or similar mind and body pursuits, and runs marathons so he’s really fit, which may be why…
  7. I dreamt that we sat naked and wrapped in a couple’s pose and each other’s eyes, then made love both sublime and right, leaving me buzzed and daydreaming that…
  8. The doorbell rang, puzzling me as to who it could–and he stood for a moment before entering as I stammered, “You’re here,” and he said, “I’m here,” dropping his bag, reaching for me. My knees buckled at the end of the bed sending us falling slowly together…
  9. All because he said he just might and I do believe I swooned at the thought. Much later I’d throw something on and throw together my easiest dish, still incredulous that he was a vegan. Why hadn’t I known this? Probably because…
  10. I don’t know him and wanting him still is a lyric from a song. A very pretty song.


  1. Oh Wow !! what a post ! reading that on the MRT from Petchaburi to Huay Kwang this morning certainly turned the heat up. A little polite repositioning to maintain repose was required. That guy from Bangkok must certainly be something.

    And games that never amount
    To more than they’re meant
    Will play themselves out

    1. I’d just seen Once at the Kennedy Center with a friend. It was fabulous and the words to that song were still fresh in my mind (of course I had to listen to it when I got home from the show!). And it fit so perfectly who I wanted to write about.
      Oops! Sorry for the public polite repositioning 😉 I grew flushed remembering and writing about it. The lyrics are beautiful, aren’t they?

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