1. Cats. There’s a great saying about family members that resonates well at certain times: “I love ya’, there’s no one above ya’, but I’ve had enough of ya’.” I love my Tenacious Three to the moon and back. Still, no matter their age they retain the needy toddler personality. I’m sneezing, sniffling, sporting a phlegmy cough, and sweat every time I fall asleep. Result? I’m cranky. He could run interference by offering up his lap (Breenie), hands to pet, pet, and pet some more (Zappa, who’s become super DUPER needy since his miraculous recovery), clean their litter boxes, and uncover their favorite “cat charmer” toy for a few playtimes a day to wear ’em out;
  2. To be suitably impressed by my minimal complaints about feeling like crapola, therefore being more than happy to make me a mug of comforting, healthy Golden Milk to sip while I read in peace for a half hour while he performs above interference;
  3. So I can hear him say, “Go back to bed. I’ll unload the dishwasher, run a load of laundry, vacuum the den, pick up some groceries/your refill/return the library books, check the mail, take out the trash, brush the kitties, read to you.” Any, all, or a combination;
  4. Join me in bed with favorite vegan snackage for a movie marathon, staying even if I fall asleep, knowing I find it totally acceptable to spoon nap with me, rest the remote on me, or softly rub my back a little;
  5. Reassure me it’s normal to converse with the fuzzballs by hearing him talk about his day with them and answering Zappa’s mews with, “I know, I love you, too.”

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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