Definition of Asana: any of various yogic postures; Sanskrit āsana manner of sitting, from āste he sits; akin to Greek hēsthai to sit, Hittite es-. First Known Use: circa 1934 (www.miriam-webster.com/dictionary/asana)

“We are super pleased to announce our next nose to tail paleo dinner at our paleo restaurant “Asana by Pete Evans” in Brisbane for the 10th November is on sale now. The last one sold out very quickly so jump onto http://www.trybooking.com/160577 to grab your tix.

This time we are featuring Cleavers organic grass fed and finished beef. Exec chef Josh Harris and I are creating another exciting menu featuring offal and under-utilised cuts of beef that will be sure to please and our wonderful chefs Monica and Jacinta Cannataci will be whipping up another memorable paleo dessert.
Love to see you there.” (bold is my addition; Pete Evans’ Facebook page/post)

Don’t you love how he substitutes “slaughtered” with “finished” beef? It takes an Australian-sized amount of cognitive dissonance to further the “Humanely Raised” lies that are gaining popularity (I’m talking to you, Whole Foods!) with omnivores needing “reassurance” that eating genetically manipulated, abused, raped, confined, sodomized, mutilated, terrified animals who suffer the loss of their children, suffer every unnaturally shortened day of their lives and shoddy slaughter isn’t immoral and unethical. And an Australian-sized asshole to name his restaurant “Asana.” (I’m talking to you, Pete Evans, but I wish you peace. Goodness knows you need it.) You know what’s coming–he wrote an article for MindBodyGreen about the paleo diet being “right” for him, and I left a comment (link to article below):


As “right” as you think a “Paleo” diet is for you, (there isn’t one Paleo diet; it depended on where Paleolithic humans lived and many were nomadic so their diets changed constantly; also, there were only about a million living on Earth at the time; Earth and billions of innocent animals are suffering from human overpopulation now) what you eat has far-reaching consequences.

There’s no such thing as “humanely” slaughtered meat (look up the definition of “slaughter”), about 99% of “food” animals in the US are “raised” and slaughtered on factory farms, it still takes far more precious resources to raise your “humane” animals than it does to grow organic plant foods, it’s unsustainable, unhealthy (all animal protein has saturated fats and cholesterol, not to mention the urea–cell waste that’s meant to be excreted during urination–that covers animal flesh as he/she is slaughtered and, in part, “adds” to the pleasant taste for omnivores, and whatever else comes in contact with it as it makes its way to your market), it’s not just about you (the “I/It” over the “I/Thou” mentality is linked to racism, slavery, sexism, poverty, starvation, mental illness, homelessness, incarceration, elitism, what we call capitalism today, war, and the human-caused destruction of and unimaginable violence against the planet and our fellow non-human animal inhabitants), and is unethical and immoral.

Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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