Animals are too good for this world.

So I’m holding an immunity-boosting yoga pose and a scene from this film disturbs my peace. Again. I shake my head as my eyes pool with tears. Again. It’s seared into my consciousness. A poor animal’s mouth is bound, then a man inserts an electrocution devise into her anus. Her cries of pain are stifles as she dies for her fur. I see and hear her so clearly. It’s devastating.

Please rethink buying leather, wool, or fur. Please consider watching this film. It’s less than an hour in length. Thank you.



2 thoughts on “Animals are too good for this world.

  1. I’ve seen too many of these films, but I understand perfectly. Once upon a time it was a question of natural survival – to eat or to be eaten. We no longer have that justification. Sadly, one of the characteristics of our species – probably the root reason for our supremacy – is savagery. We will never leave it behind, I fear.

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