They Shoot Pacifists, Don’t They?

“Pacifists are people who are happy to let you die defending their right to deny you your right to defend yourself.” – Milo Yiannopolous

I saw this quote while perusing Pinterest yesterday. I rarely comment on pins but was compelled to write, “False,” under this one. I got a response shortly thereafter. I’d share it verbatim but both it and my second response have since disappeared. In a nutshell, I was told how easy it is to forget those who sacrificed themselves so that I might have a better life. My response? “Who says I forgot?”

To me, being a vegan meant being a pacifist. It was a natural progression. Not all vegans are pacifists and obviously, there are non-vegan pacifists, though I don’t understand how you can be one without the other. Non-pacifists and non-vegans lob similar non-sensical retorts, though. I get it. My value system differs from the majority, the status quo, and it makes people uncomfortable. Afraid. Fear is behind it all. And since we resist change and self-awareness and self-scrutiny–for fear we won’t like what we find–we lash out at those who differ.

Thus are born gross generalizations masquerading as fact, like Mr. Yiannopolous’s quote. As with non-vegans’ comments veered to make vegans out to be less compassionate (“Plants are living things, too”), anti-pacifists seek to turn pacifists into selfish, unpatriotic, Godless elitists. Because pacifists oppose all forms of violence, because we seek the ideal of peace on Earth, we are characterized as exercising our freedoms atop mounds of forsaken dead soldiers. War is imbedded in our culture, they say. There’s no going back, so stop preaching your “pie in the sky,” idealist gibberish.

To be continued…







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