They Shoot Pacifists, Don’t They? Part II



I know war is embedded in our culture. So was slavery. So are racism, sexism and many other -isms. Do we not try to abolish those forms of violence in our society? So why remain silent about this particular act of violence? Why is war equated with patriotism and God (“Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war”) and being a good Christian?

Christianity and patriotism aren’t equal, at least according to Christ’s teachings and crucifixion. To be a Christian used to mean being a radical. Early Christians were persecuted and executed for their beliefs and pacifist stance, as Jesus was. To be a Christian is not supposed to be easy, and not just because faith is tested in times of trial. To be a Christian is to carry the cross as Jesus did. Allegiance with Jesus takes precedence over that of your country.

Now so-called Christians paint pacifists, as radical–naive, God- and country-hating wimps who negate the sacrifices made by soldiers with the freedoms attained by them. And who’s to blame for this enormous shift in defining what it means to be a Christian disciple? Church leaders and the nonexistent separation of Church and State.


Lack of communication is unhealthy.

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